Film Festival Strategy Tool for Shorts

The perfect Festival List for your short film 

CUT-UP creates a monthly updated list of festivals really worth submitting to, specifically for your film. Match your short film with all relevant festivals, from A-list to genre to low submission fees only


80% less research time with our strategy. Deadlines, budgets and premiere statuses at a glance. No more spreadsheets needed.


Reach up to 20% more festival invitations by submitting with our strategy, and discovering new matching festivals you’ve never heard of before.


30% less submission costs by eliminating festivals for which your film is not eligible, and without falling for fake film festivals.

Trusted by hundreds of short film directors and producers from over 50 countries. 

Among them are Student Oscar winners, BAFTA winners and Academy Award nominees.

Matching Information

Our algorithm matches your film with our festival database by checking over 600 factors, most of them hard to research individually. As we aim for full transparency, you can see exactly why a festival is recommended by looking at the tags in the festival details. If a festival doesn’t match your film, we will replace it for free.

Individual Festival List

You receive a list of festivals that exactly match your film. In the overview you can see immediately which deadlines are next and which festivals have premiere requirements.
The festival details go even further in depth and provide you with everything you need to know about the festival. Submit through the link provided, on the platform that the festival prefers.

Our Festival Database

Based on our 10+ years of experience in festival distribution we created our own festival database with over 3’000 global competitions really worth submitting to. Every festival in our database is reviewed by at least two team members, and reevaluated annually.

Therefore we can proudly say that we are 100% free of any scam or fake film festivals. Our database combines and makes comparable festivals from all submission platforms, as well as those that only allow direct submissions on their own website.

Submission Administration

With CUT-UP you keep the overview of all your submissions and costs no matter what platform the festival uses. The algorithm helps you to navigate through premiere requirements, even considering previous submissions. No more spreadsheets needed.

Dynamic Strategy

Every film needs a different strategy. Our tool always considers your previous submissions, screenings and your personal goals.
Additionally you can book an one-on-one consulting with one of our experts.

100% free of Fake Film Festivals!

We evaluate and check every single festival that we include in our database, so only trustworthy festivals will make it to your list.

“CUT-UP is highly efficient, and frequently brings me good news. More people in the world can view my movies and I can expand my audience base.”

Lei Lei, Director
Film: Missing one Player

“Up to now we carried out the submissions for our films unassisted, without much of a strategy, not to mention the cost awareness. Basically the we do our best and will see strategy. For the current film we appreciate the matching by the algorithm, as our concern was to missthe variety of the market. “

Carola Kutzner, Producer
Film: Bei Wind und Wetter